Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A few years ago we saw the introduction of the gel memory foam mattress into the bedding industry. Some thought these new incarnations of the old would be the future of the industry. Though these mattresses do sometimes fair better than their gel-less counterparts in some areas, they share several faults.

If you think developments in mattress technology are keeping pace with computers, mobile communication devices and other rapidly changing industries, you are absolutely right. While it is an exciting time to buy a new mattress, the vast amount of choices available can make it an overwhelming endeavor without the proper knowledge base to make good decisions.

Just like traditional memory foam, gel technology will help stop motion transfer when people sleep in the same bed and will cradle the pressure points over your body. Gel foam is also anti-microbial so you can keep those allergies at bay.

gel memory foam mattress

However, it is different in that unlike traditional foam, this technology is often infused with the same sort of gel that’s used in sports equipment or shoe inserts. This makes it one of the best memory foams on the market in terms of support. In fact, it’s ideal for those of you who suffer medium to severe aches and pains due to poor posture when you sleep.

It’s also more durable than traditional foam which means manufacturers can offer better warranties. Do bear in mind however, that due to the support gel foam offers, it will feel firmer than traditional memory foam.