Furniture Company - Milwaukee WI
6628 W Fond du Lac Ave
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Furniture Company - Milwaukee WI, catalog, prices. Our company uses its knowledge and experience to ensure you select the right mattress for your personal needs and health. Customer service is our top priority from A to Z, regardless of the cost. Our store offers a unique shopping experience for all your mattress needs. We offers the latest models of furniture, and mattresses at the best prices. Whether you are shopping for a family room sofa or your first dining table, we promise you will be satisfied with not only our products but the entire shopping experience. Customer service is our top priority, so we are ready to help you find the perfect piece of furniture, a complete room or a new mattress set. We offer that area largest selection of better-quality mattresses with over 80 comforts to choose from. Our knowledgeable sales team is friendly and willing to help you select your new furniture pieces without using gimmicks and high pressure tactics. Same-Day Delivery Available. What is better than walking into your potential home and being able to buy all the beautiful brand new furniture in it? We would love to earn your business.
Street Address
6628 W Fond du Lac Ave
414 463 3333

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